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19 July 2023 Wednesday

Injustice in Football

Injustice in football has emerged in a more severe form in recent years. This situation has negatively affected many football clubs. The sporting aspect has also provided a lot of blows.

The issue of match fixing is also among the reasons that it has a great impact on this situation. Dec. In addition, there is a legal penalty for this in words, but unfortunately at the level of the law, it does not exist in our country, but it is applied very harshly in European countries.

The Influence of Referees on Injustice

For example, the presence of referees who ensure that chaos and injustice occur by giving yellow cards to football players in red card positions makes injustice an increasing problem day by day.

I like the smart, agile and moral of an athlete at the same time. Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

It is more unfair that people who do not know football are in football. For this reason, the football sector is turning into a platform where financial financial gain is provided instead of entertainment and social activity.


Football will not be played properly on the field until these injustices are over, and it will not always be able to get rid of being remembered as a witness and illegal that year. As a result, for the smooth functioning of justice to win football, the first priority should be ensuring justice through the structuring of competent people and institutions, and the rules should be a deterrent, and the federation should have a central system that governs football.

  • Serkan Tosun
  • 19 July 2023 Wednesday
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Serkan Tosun

For justice, football should be played with proper referees on the field.

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05 April 2023 Wednesday

I was upset because fenerbahçe has lost a match against beşiktaş two days ago. Fenerbahçe lost the match 2-4. They had played with terrible tactic and missed a penalty.

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