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19 May 2023 Friday

May 19 is the Turning Point of Turkish History

May May 19th As a Turkish nation living together on many meaningful days today, we are very happy and fortunate that may 19th sports and youth day, when our salvation fire was lit and the night of Decadence were on the same day.

All the comrades-in-arms, especially Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, entered into a great battle on May 19, 1919 in the history to save the honor of our sister, sister and mothers on the territory of our homeland today. The important thing is that we either live independently or we die for it. A relentless war has been waged with the password. Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the ancestor of the Turkish nation and the most excellent genius the world has ever seen, has harnessed his independent fire with a lithe intelligence.

The Tenacity of the Power of Faith

While no one would support this genius, he had only one problem, what about the situation of his homeland... For this, first of all, 9.When Samsun, where he went as an Army Inspector, saw the independence fire here, he resigned in his first job and in all ranks and chose this fire to grow and spread. The only concern of our ancestor, who fights in the way of ALLAH without fear of ambush or death at any moment, is to completely destroy the enemy from the homeland. Both on the battlefield and even during the calm period, we have gained my independence with a perfect strategy by making plans with a dry bread.

Of course, my humble body will become earth one day, but the Republic of Turkey will remain a shareholder forever.

At first, our ancestor and his comrades-in-arms, the valiant men who rested by hugging their coats under that cold snow, protected themselves against the weapons with such an imam, fighting like lions, founded Turkey.


May ALLAH be pleased with all of them and may your places be in paradise. Our ancestor Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who gave this day to youth, don't worry, today we will claim our values, as young people, even if our country is in bad hands today, one day a valiant and comrades-in-arms from your youth will take over the trust and raise the trust to the throne is our only goal.

  • Erkan Tosun
  • 19 May 2023 Friday
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Erkan Tosun

It is difficult to be Turkish, because we are at war with the world. It is more difficult not to be Turkish, because you fight with Turks. As a writer, I am proud to be Turkish, and happy May 19th Youth and Sports Day.

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