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07 March 2023 Tuesday

Robust Construction

In the construction sector, building structures according to the ground by means of more than one method of solid construction and competent companies and craftsmen is the first priority of solid construction.

First of all, factors such as the distance to the fault line of the ground where the structure will be built, its depth and the fact that the ground is not alivyol watery are the first sine qua non of a solid structure.

The importance of a solid structure

The importance of the first priority is not more valuable than human health or not, it is necessary to weigh this opening on the scales with the conscience of the Turkish nation. From the ground study of the structure to the foundation and girths of the internal structure, the structure made without stealing at the stage is of importance.

Prof. Dr. Naci Görür said, "When we look at the destruction today, we see that the local governments are not doing anything right, we see that the builders are not doing it either, we see that the central government is not doing it either. Everyone is stuck in class with homework." said.

More than one scientist, it was not in vain that the solid structure warned many authorities before the earthquake came, as a result, as a result of the 1999 gölcük earthquake, there was a very big massacre with the negligence of the century, forgetting everything instead of lessons, and as a result of this degree, a solid structure and gradually qualified people and structures should not get in the way of human life.


For this purpose, our state should help our citizens in a coordinated way with the knowledge of a solid structure and as a material resource, it should start with people who know how to work with solid houses instead of money, it should take care of its citizens who make up the state. One of the most important points is the first priority of our state to create a conscious public in the form of social activation in our educational centers, high schools and universities in order to have our people consciously for a solid structure.

  • Zeynep Günizi Özkara
  • 07 March 2023 Tuesday
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Zeynep Günizi Özkara

A solid structure, through experts and knowledgeable people, it would be the most natural event to ensure the formation of a solid structure by preventing the project stages with proper and honest people and supervision with sharpness and punishment.

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Erkan Tosun

07 March 2023 Tuesday

Valuable and very enlightening information


Mehmet Tosun

19 March 2023 Sunday

Thank you to our author for his enlightening information !



05 April 2023 Wednesday

I think our country was unprepared altough it was in the eartquake area. The reason for this, Inefficient people was not do their responsibility in the eartquake.

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